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Julia Greidanus, Student

Southern Oregon Dance Center is one of those places that I will be forever be grateful for. It has provided me a judgment-free space where I’ve been able to truly focus on my dance study and growth. Not only has SODC helped me develop as a dancer, but it’s Staff, training and performance experiences have also shown me how to be a genuine and humble person.”

L.D. , parent

…. I  want to let you know what your studio has meant to us during these last two years. During a time that could have been very challenging and isolating, you were a bright spot and brought normalcy to our lives! I was so happy we were on the same page with our values and that you stood up for these kids in a way that no one else did. It was truly life-changing!”

Ashley Guglielmetti, parent

Dancing as a young SODC/ ATJ  Intermediate and Advanced Production member and student, I was able to find a true passion and create some of my best memories. Recently I have found so much joy in watching my own daughter dance as an Intermediate Production performance group member. And now, a true full circle moment…since joining SODC’s professional company, The Collective, I have been able to bring that passion for dance back into my own life.  The studio has become our second home: a space for creativity and connection, growth and expression. As a dance momma, I am thankful for the excellent teachers who pour into the kids, lifting them up and encouraging them always. And as a dancer, I am thankful for a place that not only gave me some of my best days as a child, but is creating some of my best days as an adult..”

LOGOS Charter School Rep

Thank you for being a Community partner and supporting our families! We are lucky to have you in our community!”

Leann Underwood, Guest Master Teacher | American Ballet Theater (ABT)

It was so wonderful working with your SODC students, there is so much joy in your studio!…”

Lacy Sullivan, parent

I have so many amazing things to say about SODC !  I was a dancer with SODC while it was still named ‘ All That Jazz Dance Studio’ from the time I was in third grade until I graduated from high school. My younger sister danced until she graduated also, and now my own daughter (going strong as a freshman in high school) has been dancing with SODC since she was three years old !  It is safe to say this is our studio of choice. Addison is currently in the Advanced Production performance group and has had the well-rounded, exceptional training in all Contemporary styles at SODC. She lives and breathes dance now, and SODC is the perfect studio that has fostered so much self confidence in her. Not only is SODC the long-standing, studio-of-choice for teaching all of the different styles, it focuses on creating an environment filled with positivity, integrity, love, encouragement, and understanding. SODC isn’t just a dance studio… it’s like a second family.”

Jesse & Erica Stalker, parents

Our daughter Presli has been dancing with SODC for several years now and our experience with them has been wonderful. She started with basic dance classes and has now been a part of Kid’s Company for two years, learning several different forms of dance, attending multiple workshops and competing. The level of professionalism and instruction at SODC is top notch, while also providing a very positive and fun environment for kids. Karen and the other instructors go above and beyond for their students and you can feel and see how much they care for each one of them. When it comes time for performances and competitions, it is awesome to watch how all their hard work throughout the year comes together to create an amazing show. Presli’s confidence and skill level continue to grow, along with her love for the art of dance. It is also reassuring and comforting when I take her to classes to know she is with a studio who truly cares about her and treats us like family. We are so happy to be with SODC and we are excited to continue Presli’s dance journey with them!”

Hannah Case- Former student, current professional SO Dance Collective member & Teacher

My years at the ATJ / SODC taught me teamwork and a sense of community. I built lifelong friendships with my fellow dancers and my instructors.. I felt as if the studio was a second home when on the competitive team, with strong supporters (teachers, staff, and teammates) where I learned the value of accepting myself and others unconditionally.  Having a space to create, and share was, and is forever, a freeing feeling, especially when surrounded by other people who share the same passion. It’s so  important to have a leader and role model that one can look up to when growing up; here at Southern Oregon Dance Center, not only do you get one but you get many incredible mentors who are there for you every step of the way.

I recommend SODC to anyone: it has consistently provided an atmosphere full of opportunities and inspiration during the 12 years I have trained and performed with them pre-graduation. It’s truly a second home where dancers can come, grow and learn AND  be in a safe place where being “different” is unique and cherished!  I will always be grateful to Karen and my dance family at Southern Oregon Dance Center/ All That Jazz for believing in me, pushing me, and creating a safe space. As a college graduate now, I have memories of performing across the US and Europe with the studio, and am making new memories as a part of the Professional Contemporary Dance Company, The Collective. Additionally, I was given all the tools I needed to qualify as a new staff member teaching dance at a south central Oregon studio.  I can truly say that SODC holds some of the best moments of my life: certainly the ones that made me who I am today. “

Jan Brandes , community member

I attended your CELEBRATE  DANCE concert on Saturday evening. What a wonderful selection of programming and dance. I am an older member of the community and have no personal contact with your studio. Over the years I have enjoyed attending (your performances) with my granddaughter … The talent of your students combined with the choreography, costuming, music and lighting make for a delightful evening of dance. You have been a steady influence in the Grants Pass community over many years. I affirm your dedication and consistency in community events and your efforts to help develop young dancers into strong, responsible citizens.

I look forward to attending your future dance concerts and programs in the years to come.  I honor and respect your continued passion for dance and for the encouragement of young people in our community to become all that they are meant to be.”

Kimber Byrd, Parent

I can’t even begin to share how much of a positive impact dance has made in my daughter’s life….  Not only has she found something that she loves, she was given an outlet for movement and social interaction that she was unable to get anywhere else.  This has been huge! We say thank you every day for SODC.  My daughter looks forward to every class and spends a lot of her time at home dancing around the house.  She has made connections with new people in a positive, encouraging atmosphere.  Watching her perform this past weekend was so fun!  I’m just so impressed by how much she has improved and what she can do.  Actually I’m so impressed with every one of the dancers…they were all amazing!

Anyway, I just want to say thank you.  “